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Care and sensibility
Believing in the internal strength this city
can generatewas themain energy in-
vested on the transformationof Ponteve-
dra. Treating its streets and squares, its
architectural heritage, and it natural wealthwith care and sen-
sibilitywas the starting point of this transformation that the cit-
izens aspire to and drive.
Inspired by aglobal model of alternative city, wemade the
necessary decisions toplace people at the centre of urban
life, being convinced that it was the best way to achieve opti-
mum levels of quality in order to live in a harmonious and in-
teresting environment.
In thisway, the different plans that permitted to increase the
public space for peoplewere created. Infrastructure plans,
suchas the integral reform of the public space that improved
footways, squares, pavements, services, and underground
And also cultural plans such as the promotion of thewalking
habit and awhole culture inwhich people and their simpler
andmore natural mobility are in the centre of attention, rele-
gating cars to essential uses.
The prize granted by theEuropeanagency Intermodes is an
honour for contemporaryPontevedra. Thank you for your ap-
preciation and your attentions. It is a real incentive for us to
go onworkingwith humility, abnegation, and common sense.
We know another world is possible, sowe began bymaking it
possible for the city to livewith the healthy and legitimate in-
tention of improving.
MiguelAnxoFernández Lores
Mayor of Pontevedra
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