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The capital is a compact and flat city. It is the commer-
cial and service centreof theRíasBaixasArea; its ter-
tiary economy is based on services related to its capital
status (administrative, health, judicial, military), aswell
as commerce and leisure.
In the district there are food, automotive, construction
and tourism industries. Several high level university and
sport centres complete the socioeconomic scenario.
The primary sector ismainly related to forestry.
The population in the
surroundings of Pon-
tevedra live in seve-
ral small urban
centres, some of
them very close to
the capital. The po-
pulation is scattered
in small settlements
spread over the
TheRiver Lérezmouth, which forms thePontevedra
estuary, outlines the city’sprofile
Seat of theXuntadeGaliza
A compact city
Distribution of
the population
in the territorial
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