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After pedestrianization, the space
previously occupied by cars is now
used by pedestrians; universal ac-
cessibilitywas generalized to pro-
mote the independent lifeof
peoplewithmobility challenges.
The strengtheningof the central
area for commercial and adminis-
trativeactivities prevented the
constructionof shopping centres in
the surroundings and thousands of
Aworthy public space
The transformationof Pontevedrawas equally inspiredby
the 'City of Children' of FrancescoTonucci, for thepurpose
of promoting a healthier, happier childhood, combinedwith
the generalization of 'traffic calming' in thewhole urban
space. Thework 'Calmar el tráfico', byAlfonsoSanz, was
one of themain inspirations for the reform.
66%on foot or by bike
4%public transport
private car
Universal accessibility ex-
tends throughout thepublic
urban space.
Some schools in theHistoric
Centreprofit from thepublic
spacesanduse them as a
playground, which is safe for
Themodality of
urban transport
Less by car,
more on foot
of mobility
Almost all the areasof
are related tomobility
The administrative
of mobility
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