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After limiting the presence of
cars in the city, a substantial
amount of public spacewas
gained and bigpedestrian rou-
teswere created, withbroad
areas of preference formove-
ments on foot.
Movingwithout an engine—on
foot or by bike— inPontevedra
is very easy, healthy, and safe.
Cars are not a permanent threat
anymore, since streets are
crowded, roads have been na-
rrowed and physical obstacles
have becomewidespread. It
was the first city to reduce top
speed to 30 km/h.
Pedestrian preference
The intermodal system to transport people is based on the priority
of non-motorizedmovements. There is a big strip of free parking
space at one end of the centre, with capacity for one thousand vehi-
cles, whichworks as a car/pedestrianexchanger for people coming
from out of the capital who can leave their cars at 10minuteswal-
kingdistance frommost areas of civic activity.
Intermodality is
focused on pedestrians
The cityon foot:
times anddistances
times in the city.A
speedof 5km/hhas
been estimated
Just by looking at the
colour of the lines the
average timesand
more accessible
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